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Ribbon Disappears and Text boxes are too big



I installed the script by
  1. creating a document in my sharepoint 2010 documents library
  2. Adding a new CEW to my page under the webpart containing the list I want to manipulate
  3. linking the CEW to the document from step #1
The results is almost what i wanted, but with few issues:
  1. The Sharepoint Ribbon on the top of the screen is gone. I don't have the page publishing button or the edit or the site actions button.
  2. The white boxes are too big, and the last one exceeding the site of the actual list.
Can you please assist?

Please note I used this method of CEW + script as file linked to it in another place, and it didn't cause the ribbon issue at all.

In addition to the above, i got Error in page message which is (maybe it can help understand the issue):
Message: Object doesn't support this property or method
Line: 106
Char: 7
Code: 0
URI: http://presence/Template%20Styles/js/scripts.js
Update - issue with size of boxes is solved - i changed the value of 100% in the script to be 85%
        .css("border", "1px solid #7f9db9")
        .css("width", "__100%__")
        .css("margin", "2px")
        .css("padding", "2px")