Table elements not clearing in views other than "Shaded"

Feb 9, 2012 at 6:39 PM

Hi everybody,

I have implemented InstantListFilter with a CEWP on my department's site, and i'm running into a strange display error that is kind of bumming me out. When I filter using a list view other than Shaded, the blank table elements below and above each list entry don't hide. See an image at The Shaded view works, but doesn't look that great on the page as it is designed.

I'm using Google-hosted jQuery (1.7.1 I believe), WSS 3.0, and the problem occurs in all browsers (my primary is IE9). I've tried to modify a few things in the code to no avail. I'm not really a proficient code author - more of a tinkerer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.